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Dear valued Sir, Madame,

I would like to express my entire readiness and willing to apply for that position. Generally, I have enough capacity, experience and knowledge to occupy that position. I worked as community mobilizer with Save the children, so I am familiar with livelihood vulnerability assessments and mapping as well as market assessment, registrations, verification and distributions for all livelihoods and cash related activities.


Lately, I worked with NRC as a livelihoods project assistant, familiar with  needs assessments, focus group discussions, community meetings, coordination with community stakeholders and beneficiary selection.

Currently, I work with Antonoil IFMS, as ER advisor, thus, I am familiar with stakeholders engagement, internal and external communication.

I believe that this opportunity will enable me to assist the most ignored and marginalized groups in Manila.

During my work period, I worked as a volunteer with one of the local NGOs in Basra, Iraq to assist vulnerable groups in my community. Thanks to this experience, I became aware of the complexity of their situation. Nevertheless, I have become more motivated to provide personal contribution to the process of the protection of their basic rights on the global level, since they are heavily endangered and often violated.

Finally, I have vast experience in citizen activism. I am all the time keep in post the evolution in humanitarian issues, so i will try to put into practice my acquaintance and experience to assist the organisation achieving their goals and my goals in the same time.    

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Mourtdha Alsahlany




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