Admin Assistant

Assisting Management

  • Assist the division’s Management in day by day work and assignments
  • Organize and allocate resources to the best benefit of business with taking corrective actions when needed as in organizing events
  • Track things to be done on time and ensure meeting deadlines for all supervisors in different business requests
  • Handle calendar setting reminders for Reporting Sr. Manager.
  • Produce meeting agenda ensure meetings are organized and that all atte…
    • About Vodafone Egypt
      Vodafone Egypt is a total telecommunications provider covering a wide array of voice and data exchange services as well as 3G ADSL and broadband Internet services. Launched in 1998 Vodafone Egypt supported by Vodafone Group’s know how and its own local market research provides innovative products perfectly suited for its customers.

      The leading Vodafone Egypt spirit and its ever broadening network have paved the way for numerous investment opportunities and world class continuous customer support.

      Vodafone investments in Egypt are an evident reflection of its commitment to its civic involvement for a stronger market foothold both on the short and long terms. When the Vodafone Egypt General Assembly voted in September 2006 in favor of the acquisition of 51 of Raya Telecom shares – a telecom leader on its own right the aim was to secure further expansion of corporate communication services serving different Egyptian businesses and companies. A further acquisition of up to 97.52 of Raya Telecom shares followed after the ground breaking success of the initial step. Later Vodafone secured an even stronger market share when Telecom Egypt pushed for a major increase of its own Vodafone corporate share from 25.5 to 44.7 in a massive stock acquisition move.

      Today Vodafone still owns a dominant 54.9 share of Vodafone Egypt and is cooperating very actively with the selective and powerful local team. The crowning event of this cooperation was the resounding and very successful introduction of 3G Broadband technology to the Vodafone Egypt network on May 11 2007 enabling unprecedented visual communication song downloads and a variety of invaluable corporate services ranging from the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card the USB modem the Little Box for wireless internet services Wi Fi for large corporations and businessmen and broadband internet access for individuals and corporations

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