How to Score 117 out of 120 on TOEFL: Speaking Part and Writing Essays

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In this video I share my tips for passing TOEFL speaking and writing part.

Here is a quick summary of TOEFL speaking questions:
Question #1 and #2 in speaking: answer a random question and give two reasons to support your opinion
Question #3: combine what you’ve heard and read
Question #4: combine a definition from a text and examples that a speaker provides
Question #5: listen to a problem, pick one solution, justify
Question #6: summarize a lecture on an academic topic

Here are my tips on how to score more on TOEFL speaking part. I scored 30 out of 30:
Speaking tip #1: memorize templates for every question
Speaking tip #2: tell about your imaginary or real friend’s experience
Speaking tip #3: use introductory and bridge words
Speaking tip #4: practice as much as you can!
Speaking tip #5: pick up the second solution (Question #5)

Here are the essays that you would have to write on TOEFL exam:
Essay #1: combine arguments from a text with a speaker’s opinion on every argument
Essay #2: write an essay on a given topic

These are the tips that I’ve used for passing TOEFL writing part. I scored 27 out of 30 for my essays:
Essay tip #1: exceed essay required word count by around 1/3
Essay tip #2: paragraphs should be similar in terms of number of words
Essay tip #3: avoid making mistakes and using words you’re not sure how to spell
Essay tip #4: don’t use contractions and colloquial words

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