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Why AlphaGo is NOT an “Expert System”:

“Inside DeepMind” Nature video:

“AlphaGo and the future of Artificial Intelligence” BBC Newsnight:

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    • oki lol - October 26, 2018

      what if that robot realizes it needs to eliminate the human first and then it can be sure it will pick up the box undisturbed?

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    • vonshtoyven - October 26, 2018

      nerds are gunna build skynet to destroy humanity as their form of revenge from all those years of getting bullied

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    • s dj - October 26, 2018

      Note my words…they are gonna destroy human. The ones who r supporting are just doing it for money. They will always remain out of the reach, even for the AIs.

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    • Bart Dekesel - October 26, 2018

      It is very simple, two individual neurons who connect and learn and can expand will eventually create consciousness when they are conected to biljons of neurons!

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    • iok-1 - October 26, 2018

      Of course it will have its own goals. Of course it will outwit us. Why is there any doubt about any of this?

      Do we want to become pets who are cared for? and maybe eventually discarded?

      The other view of the future is that we will be encountering AI from alien civilizations and we will need our own AI to defend this solar system.

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    • Trevor Thieme - October 26, 2018

      I'm guessing what actually they did at the end was associate certain colors with animals then use some sort of convoluted mostly non nonsensical algorithm to reuse images in the way of having the program first understand what part of the image was part of an animal for the most part then having the AI understand that all of these pictures were animals. After this they would kind of mix and mash together over each other. I'm guessing the green is because there was green in the base sample pictures they used to associate with the animals.

      If someone wants to talk about it or ask me to retype this to properly follow my thoughts just reply. I'm a tad tired as its 5 am and I've not gone to sleep so with this post I'm off to pass out!

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    • Caity Trina - October 26, 2018

      I've been assigned "Advancing Techniques in Deep Relational Reinforcement Learning" for my thesis. Wish me luck.

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    • JAKE TORRALBA - October 26, 2018

      I lot of people watched the movie terminator. But I don't think that would happen in a real life the same as the movie. Of couse if you are going to make an AI there should be a limitation in the capabiliy and program not to hurt human and self shutdown system to disable themselves if there is a system failure or someone trying to hack their system and use them to hurt or destroy human. Im sure that those people who are trying to make AI know about that

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    • Pat - October 26, 2018

      One day AI is going to figure out that the billions of human is a threat to the environment and the continuation of this planet, thus threatening its own existence. Therefore, the only logical conclusions is………

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    • Leonardo Zepeda - October 26, 2018

      As AI involves, what do you guys think it would be best jobs in the future? I'm really thinking of switching my degree from accounting to Cyber security or programer

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    • Paul Davenport - October 26, 2018

      When, not if, AI becomes intelligent to the google degree….it will be able (if it desires) to create other realities and universes to 'be'.


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